Christian Healing Service in Sydney

Jesus Heals

At Celebrate Freedom we believe that through faith in Jesus we can receive healing from our physical and emotional infirmities. We are a community of believers across Sydney and Australia wide. Our Christian healing ministry has helped liberate many people in Sydney and across the globe, bringing them closer to Christ. Through Christian prayers, events and the power of faith we believe anything is possible.

During Christ’s mortal ministry He healed the sick, caused the lame to walk, gave the blind their sight, and even raised the dead. There was no limit to His power. He dedicated His life to healing people physically and spiritually, freeing them from the burdens that weighed them down. He healed out of love and compassion and didn’t discriminate against anyone who sought His help. He gave His power to heal to His apostles so they too could bless others. Jesus Christ was resurrected and still lives today. He still loves us and performs miracles through His servants on the earth. Jesus heals today just as He did when we walked the earth.

At Celebrate Freedom we have dedicated our lives to following the Saviour and helping others find faith in Him. Through our Christian healing ministry we seek to empower and inspire others to discover their purpose in life and find true happiness through fulfilling it. We believe in the power of Christian prayers for healing and comfort and share Christ’s message in Sydney, Australia and worldwide, providing divine healing sessions and motivational sermons.

As faithful disciples of Jesus, we provide a Christian healing service in Sydney. Through Christian prayers and faith we have seen miracles in the lives of countless people who were about to lose hope. Let the power of Jesus bring you and the ones you love healing wherever you are in Australia or around the world.

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