Divine Christian Healing Events

If you suffer from mental or physical illness and have tried numerous treatments without success, turn to a higher power. Jesus Christ has the ability to heal anyone if He wills it. His miracles didn’t cease after His death on the cross; they continue in these days.

Celebrate Freedom runs free Christian healing events around Sydney. We welcome people of all nationalities and faiths to come and be healed. No matter what your illness or disability our healers can help deliver you from pain and sickness, helping you on the path to a life of happiness and purpose.

Our team of experienced healers have seen countless people cured of common and incurable diseases. See our testimonies and videos for real success stories of people witnessing the power of Jesus in their life.

Celebrate Freedom’s Christian healing events normally consist of inspirational talks, music, and prayer for individuals who come seeking relief. We create a welcoming and edifying atmosphere where you can feel the Holy Spirit and Christ’s love in abundance.

Do you need healing or do you know someone who needs help? Take the first step of faith and come along to one of our services. Whether or not you come for yourself or to support a loved one, your faith will be strengthened.

Our divine healing events usually take place every week on Friday 8pm at 286-290 Church St, Parramatta, NSW 2150 (Entry through - Tristar Medical, Erby Place, Parramatta - Opposite to ERBY Place Secure Car Parking. Check out our calendar to see what other events are coming up in Sydney. Contact us to register.